What you need to register For the 2020 Competition:

Please register for the events you would like to attend. You will need:

  • a motorcycle license (Learner, Provisional, Full or MCNZ Race) and be over 14 years old. 

  • a motorcycle that is road legal or is in roadworthy condition, no leaks. Concessions can be made for lights and non-essential hardware e.g. pillion pegs. Motorcycles can be shared.

  • to be available for 3 hours on the day before the competition for briefing, practice and course familiarization. 

  • to read the MotoGymkhanaNZ rules.​

Ready to Compete?

2020 information

  • Only the individuals top 3 results will count towards the series points.

  • Shiny Side Up (SSU) hosted events will be free. (the final event is still TBA)

No upcoming events at the moment

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